State of Louisiana Office of Juvenile Justice

Redirecting lives toward responsible citizenship. Learn About Our Process
Learn About Our Process

Serving Louisiana’s Youth

OJJ promotes a multidisciplinary approach to treating youth through a continuum of care. A unique service plan is developed for each youth in our custody or supervision. Our process includes Assessing Needs, Coordinating Services and Utilizing Programs that Work.

Parent Center

Engaged family members that help juveniles throughout all stages of the juvenile justice system can improve their youth's mental health, reduce behavioral problems, provide motivation, and lower the rate of recidivism. Your efforts matter.

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New Swanson Center for Youth at Monroe Opens
$5M FY 2020 - FY 2022

Investing in Louisiana’s future.

Through the Juvenile Justice Reinvestment Act—OJJ awards $5 million annually to fund Diversion &Alternative Detention programs to help youth in their communities.