Educating Youth in Residential Settings

OJJ contracts with state-wide non-secure facilities which are responsible for providing academic services to our youth. Some facilities do not have an on-grounds school and thus send the youth to school operated by the local education agency.

For facilities that have an on-grounds school, the teachers may be provided by the local education agency, the facility itself, both, or by an agreement with Special School Programs (SSP). Youth are provided with regular education services, 504 accommodations (federal law that covers students with disabilities), special education services, Vocational and HiSET programs. Either the Special School District provides special education services, or the local education agency works with the facilities to provide special education services.

Non-public, non-secure facilities are not required to provide special education services. In lieu of an Individualized Education Program for identified youth, a Services Plan is provided. The non-public facility communicates with the local education agency to coordinate the plan and services to be provided. For facilities offering vocational opportunities – these are provided on-grounds or through the local technical/vocational college. Additional programs offered include academic instruction, life skills, adult education, Carnegie Units (when appropriate) and Individual/group counseling.