Working as a Team

OJJ promotes a multidisciplinary approach to meet the needs of the youth. When developing the Individual Service Plan (ISP), the Probation and Parole Officer as well as the case managers in the secure care facilities gather information and rely on the expertise of staff in a variety of disciplines that may include program specialists, other case managers, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, educational staff, regional managers, supervisors, medical staff, family, juvenile justice staff, and any other staff responsible for the care of the youth.

OJJ meets as a team to fully discuss and address the needs of the youth in a meeting called a staffing.  Each member of the team contributes valuable information leading to comprehensive coordination of services. When discussing the youth, documentation is reviewed and ideas are shared regarding the youth’s progress. The team discussing a youth’s plan considers community resources, assistance for the families, and linkages to community agencies.

Intake Staffing

This staffing takes place at the secure care facility, usually between 4-7 days of the youth’s placement at the facility, to develop the preliminary treatment plan and share information about the youth. This staffing is initiated by the intake staff at the facility, and includes the intake case manager/counselor, program manager, education representative, probation and parole officer, the youth, parent/guardian, receiving case manager, medical or mental health staff for seriously mentally ill (SMI) youth.

Quarterly Staffing

This staffing, held every 90 days at the secure care facility, is initiated by the case manager at the facility to review the youth’s progress on his treatment plan, discuss his program participation, review/modify the aftercare plan, recommend changes in custody level, discuss early release or furlough eligibility. Participants include the youth’s facility case manager/counselor, family, special education representative (if the youth is receiving services), any two other facility staff, the Probation and Parole Officer, and mental health staff for seriously mentally ill (SMI) youth.

Special Staffings

Special staffings are held at all facilities depending upon programming and the special needs of the youth.