Intergovernmental Relations

The staff works closely with the Deputy Secretary on a variety of special projects, communications, and staff development, and provides legislative services.

Staff Development is the training arm of OJJ, which provides up-to-date training for staff in all offices and facilities statewide. All OJJ employees participate in staff development and training programs which provide employees with specialized training needed to address the specific needs of staff and the youth in our care. Training plans incorporate the specific requirements set forth by applicable accreditation standards, YS policy requirements, the Health Care Policies for Youth and job specific training needs. The plans also provide procedures for ongoing evaluations of all pre-service, in-service, and specialized training.

Contact OJJ Intergovernmental Relations

Alfred "Al" Carter, M.Ed., M.S.C.J.
Confidential Assistant to the Deputy Secretary/Legislative Liaison 
O: 225-287-7919