Mission and Vision

Our Mission

The Office of Juvenile Justice protects the public by providing safe and
effective individualized services to youth, who will become productive,
law-abiding citizens.

Our Vision

OJJ is a quality system of care which embraces partnerships with families,
communities and stakeholders to assist youth in redirecting their lives
toward responsible citizenship

Guiding Principles

Honesty - To be honest; do everything with integrity.
Achievement - To be outcome-oriented in achieving results consistent with our mission.
Versatility - To value, promote and support diversity and cultural competence.
Ethical -  To be ethical; to do the right thing, both legally and morally.

Focused - To be focused on empowering people to succeed.
Accountable - To be accountable for the effective and efficient management of resources.
Informed - To be informed and guided in our decisions by appropriate and valid data.
Team players - To be an effective and efficient team of professionals.
Harmonious - To be inclusive – involve all parties, both external and internal, who need to be part of the process.

HAVE FAITH: Together we help change lives.