NEWS OJJ sees improvement in 2021-2022 School Performance Scores

On November 16, 2022, The Louisiana Department of Education released 2021-22 school performance scores for the state’s public K-12 schools and systems. These results signal a continued academic recovery for students following unprecedented school disruptions caused by the pandemic and numerous hurricanes.

Overall, OJJ has made some progress in two of three campuses:

Riverside Alternative raised its School Performance score (SPS) 9.9 points from a 59.6 F to a 69.5 C. Southside Alternative raised its School Performance Score (SPS) 4.5 points from a 54.3 F to a 58.8 D.

“Our purpose is to create instructional programs that will support the diverse learning needs and career interests of our youth. As we build collaborative partnerships with governmental agencies, educational vendors and community colleges, we are expanding our vocational options and intervention supports. OJJ is committed to preparing our youth for the successful completion of high school and the productive re-engagement in an inclusive society,” said Shenell Deville, Director of Education of the Office of Juvenile Justice (OJJ).

The Louisiana Department of Education said the majority of school systems in the state improved their performance scores in 2022 when compared to the data from 2021.