NEWS Testing Success at Southside Alternative High School

The Office of Juvenile Justice’s Education Department of Southside Alternative High School at Swanson Center for Youth in Monroe claims bragging rights for the recent accomplishments of several of our students in their outstanding scores on the ACT Test taken in June of 2023. Ten (10) of our students accepted the challenge of committing their time to participate in the Extended Learning Program to prepare themselves for this High Stakes Test. As a result, five (5) of the Ten (10) students managed a composite score in the range of 17-33 where a perfect score on the test is 36. We proudly celebrate their achievement, and we are optimistic of the possible contributions these creative minds will one day provide to society. 

We also want to thank the teachers and staff for dedicating their time to our students and helping them achieve this measure of success. We know there were many hours of scouring the internet and formatting instructional techniques to take advantage of the ACT Testing materials ordered by the agency. Having a good ACT score is one of the most important preparations for high school students to successfully navigate the college admissions process. Some of our students may desire to retest and if so, we stand ready to provide our assistance in order for them to achieve the best possible outcome.