NEWS Softball Returns to Bridge City Center for Youth

BCCY Softball Scrimmage 2023
Photographed by: Nicolette Gordon

 Student athletes returned to the field for the first softball scrimmage since the COVID-19 pandemic. The Riverside Rams and Pine Hill Rockets hit the field all in the name of "Bragging Rights." The highly anticipated friendly "Family Feud," garnered spectators throughout the agency.

During the opening ceremony, a talented youth from Riverside High wooed the crowd with a personal rendition of the National Anthem. Director Lindon London of Bridge City Center for Youth had the esteemed honor of throwing out the first pitch during the Riverside Rams softball game vs. the Pine Hill Rockets.

The Pine Hill Rockets were victorious against the Riverside Rams during yesterday’s two-scrimmage game, but both teams were resilient! After the camaraderie and last bat swing, youth cooled down in the newly opened Bridge City Center for Youth community pool.

Thanks to the wonderful student athletes who practiced and participated in after-school workouts in preparation for the scrimmage. Thanks to the wonderful staff that volunteered their time to serve as coaches. Thanks to The Krewe of Athena Carnival Club Inc. for sponsoring the uniforms that the Riverside Rams wore during the softball scrimmage.

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