NEWS New Swanson Center for Youth at Monroe Opens

This week, The Louisiana Office of Juvenile Justice (OJJ) opened the new Swanson Center for Youth (SCY) at Monroe, marking a significant milestone in the state's commitment to juvenile rehabilitation.

Designed in accordance with Act 693, the SCY exemplifies a Tier-1 secure setting dedicated to providing intensive rehabilitative services. Rooted in the Louisiana model of therapeutic secure care, the center offers a comprehensive and proven approach to youth development. 

Director Chadrick 'Chad' Hardy, a seasoned professional passionate about youth rehabilitation, will oversee the daily operations. His commitment ensures a nurturing environment conducive to growth and transformation.

This innovative facility can accommodate 72 youth in individualized rooms, demonstrating our commitment to safety. Additionally, the center features a transitional treatment unit that offers specialized, one-on-one services to enhance social skills for successful integration into lower-tiered facilities' general populations, further enhancing its rehabilitative capabilities.

OJJ remains steadfast in its commitment to these young individuals, providing essential support and guidance as they navigate toward a brighter future.

About Louisiana Office of Juvenile Justice (OJJ)

The Louisiana Office of Juvenile Justice (OJJ) promotes public safety by effectively managing youth under its care. In serving youth adjudicated delinquent or Families in Need of Services (FINS), OJJ collaborates with the court system to provide supervision, residential placement, or secure care, focusing on rehabilitation and reintegration.