NEWS Louisiana Poet Laureate Allison Pelegrin Conducts Inspiring Poetry Workshop in St. Martinville

The Acadiana Center for Youth at St. Martinville (ACY-SM) Female Unit hosted a unique poetry workshop led by the esteemed Louisiana Poet Laureate Allison Pelegrin. The event drew enthusiastic young female writers who spent the afternoon exploring various poetry styles and honing their creative skills.

Throughout the workshop, the Poet Laureate guided the youth through interactive exercises and engaging discussions, introducing them to various poetic forms, from haikus to free verse. The participants were eager to learn, asking thoughtful questions and sharing their original poems.

The workshop aimed to foster a deeper appreciation for the art of poetry among the young attendees, and it undoubtedly succeeded in doing so. The event was not just a success, but a resounding one, a testament to the dedication of the participants and the guidance of Mrs. Pelegrin. The facility staff and Education Department are proud of this achievement and look forward to future literary programs with Mrs. Pelegrin.