Youth in Secure Care Facilities

Secure care, the deep end of the juvenile justice system, is reserved for those youth deemed to be a risk to public safety and/or not amenable to treatment in a less restrictive setting.

Youth are monitored constantly under direct supervision of staff, and are not allowed to come and go freely. Youth are housed in dormitories, or housing units, with populations from 10-12. Every effort is made to assign youth to the facility closest to home, which meets their identified treatment needs, to encourage family visits and involvement in treatment.

OJJ operates secure care facilities for males in different areas of the state:
  • Bridge City Center for Youth in Jefferson Parish (map)
  • Swanson Center for Youth in Monroe (map)
  • Swanson Center for Youth at Columbia (map)
  • Acadiana Center for Youth in Bunkie (map)
  • Acadiana Center for Youth in St. Martinville (map)¬†