OJJ COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Youth Positive Results

Secure Care Facility# of Youth Positive# of Youth Recovered
Acadiana Center for Youth Bunkie2121
Bridge City Center for Youth 2922
Swanson Center for Youth Columbia 1212
Swanson Center for Youth Monroe1515

The Office of Juvenile Justice is working closely with its medical provider, Wellpath and guidance from the Louisiana Office of Public Health to determine the most appropriate treatment for each youth who may fall ill in its facilities during this crisis. Quarantine and isolation guidelines have been established to accommodate any exposure that has been determined.

All OJJ efforts are coordinated to aid in maintaining safety and security for all young people in our care and those that provide them services. At the same time, we are reaching out to families of those affected by this crisis to keep them apprised of the health of their children.

OJJ has been limiting the number of visitors, contractors and deliveries on secure care campuses since the onset of the public health crisis. This also includes limiting transports to essential trips only. Per public health guidelines, anyone entering these facilities is being screened including temperature checks. PPE has been distributed throughout the secure care facilities.

Secure Care Facilities Where Youth Testing Has Occurred

Acadiana Center for Youth
Bridge City Center for Youth
Swanson Center for Youth in Columbia
Swanson Center for Youth in Monroe

COVID-19 Secure Facility Employee Positives

Secure Care Facility# of Employees Positive# of Employees Recovered
Acadiana Center for Youth2727
Bridge City Center for Youth4441
Swanson Center for Youth in Monroe3838
Swanson Center for Youth in Columbia1616

*Note: data correction made to number of SCY Monroe staff positives on 10/28/20