Assistance for Families

The Office of Juvenile Justice has a designated staff member ready to help you during your child’s involvement with OJJ. The Family Liaison is available to:

  • Assist parents in having a voice in the rehabilitative treatment of youth
  • Advocate for strong family involvement in this rehabilitative process
  • Provide information to parents with questions about OJJ
  • Educate families on how to navigate through their child’s time with OJJ

What should I do before contacting the family liaison?

First, try to resolve your problem by contacting your child’s facility caseworker or Probation and Parole Officer (PPO). When you contact staff, it is best to be prepared.          

  • Have all relevant information. (It helps to write down the problem and your questions ahead of time)
  • Direct the question to the most appropriate person
  • Continue to ask questions if you need more information
  • Keep notes/records of all contacts, including dates, times, telephone numbers, and the names and titles of people with whom you speak

If the above has been followed without resolution to your concern, feel free to contact the Family Liaison at  (225) 287-7985 or (800) 594-3941.



Attn: Family Liaison

P.O. BOX 66458