Reporting Sexual Abuse or Sexual Harassment
All reports of sexual abuse or sexual harassment will be investigated and addressed. Youth, employees, and third parties can report incidents of sexual abuse or sexual harassment in verbal or written formats. All parties can file a report with the Office of Juvenile Justice by calling the Investigative Services hotline at 1-800-626-1430. Reporters can remain anonymous or provide contact information in the event more information is needed.

LA Coordinated System of Care

Program Specialists Move to CQIS to Implement New Process


Much of OJJ's budget is spent on contracted programs and services in local communities around the state, which serve a majority of our population. As a part of our mission, we have an obligation to ensure that the agency's funding goes to programs that are proven effective for our youth.

OJJ is moving forward with a focus on outcome-based/best practices and putting systems into place that have been proven to reduce recidivism.  Effective May 17, Program Specialists Patty Thomas, Yezette White and Lane Plauche will transfer from Community-based Services to work with Continuous Quality Improvement Services (CQIS).  They are tasked with implementing an entirely new process for the agency. 

In April, the three Program Specialists received training on "What Works in Reducing Recidivism" by Dr. Edward Latessa from the University of Cincinnati.    In June, they will be trained on the Correctional Programs Checklist (CPC) that uses the "What Works" theory to measure program effectiveness. 

Also, during June, OJJ’s contractors and leadership staff will receive an overview on "What Works." CQIS will then apply the CPC to all contracted programs and secure care specialty programs. 

In Spring 2011, the new RFP for contract providers will require the use of outcome-based programs, along with the Principles of Effective Intervention, which targets youths’ risks and needs, using behavioral approaches to treatment, and implementing the program with fidelity.

“OJJ, like all state agencies, is obligated to ensure that the funds spent on services for our clients are used in the most effective manner possible,” said Dr. Mary L. Livers.  “By implementing this new process, we will be better able to meet our mission, while at the same time realizing the maximum benefit of our resources.  The new process is an important step to ensure accountability for the agency and a better outcome for our youth.”