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All reports of sexual abuse or sexual harassment will be investigated and addressed. Youth, employees, and third parties can report incidents of sexual abuse or sexual harassment in verbal or written formats. All parties can file a report with the Office of Juvenile Justice by calling the Investigative Services hotline at 1-800-626-1430. Reporters can remain anonymous or provide contact information in the event more information is needed.

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Jetson Center for Youth’s Choir Releases CD


CD Launch Event:
June 14, 2007, 4 p.m.
Jetson Center for Youth
15200 Scenic Highway at U.S. 61, Baker, LA

If attending, please contact Jerel Giarrusso to provide your name in advance if possible. Please plan to arrive at the front gate about 3:30 for a briefing and escort to the event.

If unable to attend, you may request a CD. Radio stations are encouraged to broadcast selections from the CD as part of regular programming.

BATON ROUGE, La. – Jetson Center for Youth (JCY) has released a CD of original music written and performed by its choir. JCY is a secure care facility for adjudicated youth near Baton Rouge. The CD, entitled Sowing Seeds of Love: Jetson Sings/Jetson Speaks, also offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse of life at JCY.

In what may be the nation’s first professionally produced recording of music by youth housed at a secure facility, the CD showcases the JCY Rising Stars Choir, a unique partnership of incarcerated youth and staff members. Their talent in singing and songwriting comes to life in a multi-media CD. A look inside and frank discussion by youth about their lives at Jetson may be experienced via a mini-documentary on the same disc.

"We are delighted that youth and staff worked hand-in-hand to make this project a success," said OYD Deputy Secretary Simon G. Gonsoulin. "Our therapeutic approach to secure care is based on trust between incarcerated youth and the staff who care for them. Building relationships and problem-solving as a team are keys to success. This joint effort won the hearts of both youth and staff. A result of the CD project is that staff and youth throughout the facility are excited and share in the success."

"This project is proof that Louisiana's efforts to reform juvenile justice are meeting with success," Gonsoulin continued. "The CD reflects our core value of partnerships that instill productive and positive changes in our youth. This project would not have been possible without the partnership of members of the community."

The recording is a collaboration between youth, staff and community partners. No public funds were expended on this project. All the musicians and recording professionals donated their time and services, and the Annie E. Casey Foundation defrayed the discounted cost of duplication of the CD.

Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco has posted tracks from the CD and additional information on her website. Citizens can listen to the songs by visting

The recording is not for sale. It will be given to juvenile justice stakeholders, parents and other interested supporters. For additional information, contact the OYD Communications Office, tel. 225.287.7898, email Jerel Giarusso or visit our website at