Reporting Sexual Abuse or Sexual Harassment
All reports of sexual abuse or sexual harassment will be investigated and addressed. Youth, employees, and third parties can report incidents of sexual abuse or sexual harassment in verbal or written formats. All parties can file a report with the Office of Juvenile Justice by calling the Investigative Services hotline at 1-800-626-1430. Reporters can remain anonymous or provide contact information in the event more information is needed.

LA Coordinated System of Care

ACA Accreditation

ACA Accreditation

This section oversees the agency accreditation process by ensuring compliance with all rules and regulations of the accrediting authority through periodic reviews of protocols and process indicators.
The American Correctional Association (ACA) is a professional organization whose mission is to improve the justice system.
ACA believes that the principles of HUMANITY, JUSTICE, PROTECTION, OPPORTUNITY, KNOWLEDGE, COMPETENCE and ACCOUNTABILITY are essential to the foundation of sound corrections policy and effective public protection.
The advantages and benefits of accreditation are numerous and include:


  • The assessment of strengths and weaknesses;
  • The identification of obtainable goals;
  • The implementation of state of the art policies and procedures;
  • The establishment of specific guidelines for daily operations;
  • An aid in the defense of frivolous lawsuits;
  • An increase in community support; and
  • A higher level of staff professionalism and morale.


The accreditation process offers the opportunities to evaluate operations against national standards, helps to identify and remedy deficiencies, and upgrade the quality of services and programs being provided to the youth committed to our care or supervision.
ACA supports implementation of a wide range of community programs. The ACA believes that life, health and safety standards should assure protection of the rights of youth as well as society at large.
OJJ currently utilizes ACA standards as the tool to measure quality of services in facilities, regional offices and Central Office. ACA standards guide administrators in development of plans to upgrade juvenile programs and procedures in accordance with nationally recognized benchmarks. The practice necessary to meet high standards of performance and to achieve accreditation is now well established by OJJ.
The Community Based Services (Probation & Parole) section has been accredited with the ACA Standards for Juvenile Probation and Aftercare Services since 1994. Central Office was accredited under the Standards for the Administration of Correctional Agencies in August 2009 and reaccredited in July 2012 and August 2015.
Swanson Center for Youth (SCY) was accredited in January 2012 and reaccredited in February 2015.  Jetson Center for Youth (JCY) were accredited in January 2012. Bridge City Center for Youth (BCCY) achieved accreditation in August 2013 under the Performance-Based Standards for Juvenile Correctional Facilities.
The American Correctional Association (ACA) presented the Golden Eagle Award, its highest honor for commitment to excellence, to the Louisiana Office of Juvenile Justice (OJJ) for its work in achieving ACA accreditation in all of its units, including its three secure care facilities (and one satellite facility), 11 regional field services offices (and one sub-office) and the central office in Baton Rouge.
OJJ is only the third juvenile justice system in the nation to achieve the ACA Golden Eagle Award.
OJJ also requires contracted residential facilities to obtain and maintain accreditation with the ACA.


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