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Health Services

Health Services

The Office of Juvenile Justice contracts with an outstanding provider for comprehensive medical, mental health and dental care for youth housed in our secure care facilities.  Correct Care Solutions (CCS) provides services at Bridge City Center for Youth, Swanson Center for Youth in Monroe and Swanson Center for Youth at Columbia.
Quality health-related services are provided through a multidisciplinary team approach, which acknowledges the needs of youth, delivers clinically appropriate and medically necessary services, and promotes healthy behaviors and lifestyle changes to encourage prevention and wellness.

Upon admission, each youth receives a comprehensive health care screening that includes a health history, complete physical examination, immunization status and administration of missed vaccines, dental evaluation and prophylaxis, vision screening, hearing screening, psychiatric evaluation  as indicated, and routine laboratory studies, including testing for sexually transmitted diseases.

Physician, psychiatric, and dental services are provided at each site.  Additionally, registered nurses manage and coordinate the health care needs of our youth.  Nurses conduct sick call, pill call, and health education, and serve as liaisons between on-site and off-site providers 24 hours a day.  Each facility has a well-equipped infirmary, staffed by qualified medical personnel at all times.

Referrals, follow-up health care and treatment are arranged with community partners.  In addition, each site has a provision for emergency medical care should it become necessary.


Correct Care Solutions (CCS)
is a national leader in the provision of day-to-day health care programs in the correctional healthcare field, and currently oversees care for over 56,500 individuals daily.  CCS offers quality programs, strong employee training initiatives and an excellent history of resource management.  CCS brings a solutions-based approach to care and depth of experience, with juvenile facility accreditation by the American Correctional Association, making the company a well-qualified partner with the Louisiana Office of Juvenile Justice in the provision of health services to the juveniles housed in their secure care facilities.  Through this partnership, CCS provides daily management of medical, dental, and mental health needs for the youth in these facilities.

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