Reporting Sexual Abuse or Sexual Harassment
All reports of sexual abuse or sexual harassment will be investigated and addressed. Youth, employees, and third parties can report incidents of sexual abuse or sexual harassment in verbal or written formats. All parties can file a report with the Office of Juvenile Justice by calling the Investigative Services hotline at 1-800-626-1430. Reporters can remain anonymous or provide contact information in the event more information is needed.

LA Coordinated System of Care

Treatment Programs

Contact: Toya Pierce, LCSW, Director of Treatment

The following is a listing with a brief description of each program and/or service offered in male facilities.

Medical / Dental / Mental Health Services
The Office of Juvenile Justice contracts with an outstanding provider for comprehensive medical, mental health and dental care for youth housed in our secure facilities.  Correct Care Solutions (CCS) provides services at Bridge City Center for Youth and Swanson Center for Youth in Monroe and Swanson Center for Youth in Columbia.

LAMOD (the Louisiana Model for Secure Care) is an integral part of the juvenile justice reform movement. With assistance from the Missouri Youth Services Institute (MYSI), OJJ and the Casey Strategic Consulting Group (CSCG) designed LAMOD, an approach tailored to Louisiana’s unique environment, dynamics, and needs. LAMOD provides a therapeutic environment that focuses on youth and staff interacting in small groups, involving family, and fostering positive peer culture.  LAMOD prepares youth for re-entry into the community as productive citizens.
Thinking for a Change
This cognitive behavioral program teaches youth how to solve problems without getting into trouble.  It also helps youth to understand how their thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and values can cause problems in their lives. The program teaches social and problem-solving skills or how to improve existing social skills. This is an evidence-based practice for youth in the juvenile justice system.
Anger Management
Cage Your Rage is the curriculum utilized to help youth learn about themselves, their feelings of anger, harmful behaviors/actions, and how to handle anger without hurting others and/or themselves. Basic conflict resolution techniques are also covered in this curriculum.
Victim Awareness Program
This program assists youth in understanding how their behaviors affect the daily lives of their victims – physically, emotionally, financially, and psychologically.

Substance Abuse Treatment
For youth who are assessed as having serious substance abuse problems there is both a dorm-based (more intense) and clinic-based (less intense) substance abuse program. Youth are enrolled in the program best suited to their needs. Both the dorm-based and clinic-based programs are located at Swanson Center for Youth.

Pre-Release Preparation
This program prepares youth for re-entry into the community by teaching them how to make responsible choices and engage in behaviors with positive consequences. The case manager, probation officer/service coordinator and other treatment team members develop a reintegration plan for the youth that best fits his/her needs upon release, and includes resources in the community.
OJJ either provides or allows other organizations to come into the facilities to provide parenting classes when funds are available.
Healthy Masculinity
This program is designed to help youth explore the image of masculinity, and what it means to be a male in today’s society. Youth are encouraged to learn about being a healthy male and to describe positive and negative male influences in their lives. This program is designed to give youth the opportunity to discuss topics including problems and challenges males face today, deciding what to do with one’s life, and developing a plan to achieve their goals.
Victory Transitional Treatment Unit (Swanson)
Youth from any OJJ secure care facility may be referred to this program, which provides a structured, therapeutic environment for youth who have demonstrated an inability or unwillingness to stop aggressive acts or have a documented history of engagement in behavior that causes major response from other youth. This program utilizes a cognitive/behavioral approach with a focus on conflict resolution, anger management, aggression reduction, and social skills.
Behavior Management Unit (Swanson)
This is a short-term temporary assignment (up to 72 hours) that removes a youth from the general population because the youth poses a threat to himself, staff or another youth(s) or when his actions/behaviors are so disruptive that regular programming cannot continue in the dorm.
Juvenile Understanding and Managing Problematic Behavior Program (JUMP) Sexual Treatment Units
Youth from any of the secure care facilities may be referred to this clinic-based program.  JUMP provides residential specialized treatment services for youth adjudicated for sexual offenses.  Goals for youth who successfully complete the program include a better understanding of their sexual offending behavior and problematic sexual behavior, and ability to follow a plan for avoiding future problematic sexual behavior. The clinic-based sex offender treatment program is available at Bridge City and a dorm-based program is located at Swanson. 
Shelter Care Program (Bridge City)
This program provides services for youth considered vulnerable, low risk and at high risk for becoming a chronic victim. The primary goal is for youth to learn adaptive methods of resolving conflicts, problems, reaching personal goals, and to provide on-going support to enable youth to generalize and maintain positive change.
Substance Abuse Treatment
Residential and Clinic Based – This program is for youth who have been classified with a substance abuse or dependence disorder.   Residential and clinic-based substance abuse treatment is provided at Swanson.  Treatment consists of counseling and education. The goal is to effectively treat the youth’s substance abuse, associated behaviors and risk factors and to improve the youth’s ability to function productively in his community.
Truthoughts (Swanson Behavior Management Unit)
This cognitive-based program examines the youth’s negative thinking patterns that contribute to destructive and anti-social behavior. Truthoughts identifies thinking errors, encourages youth to take accountability for their negative actions and to commit to thinking responsibly.
LAMOD Youth Stages
A behavior management system based upon psychosocial principles of adolescent growth and development, it is directed at achieving positive changes in the youth’s attitude, values, and behavior with the use of groups. This program has a cognitive behavior component, which teaches youth alternative thinking, pro-social skills, and problem-solving techniques to deal with problems and stressful situations.
FAST Track (Swanson)
Focus And Structural Treatment Program (FAST Track) is a program for first-time adjudicated youth that focuses on teaching basic social skills and problem-solving skills that will help youth reintegrate back into the community. FAST Track helps the youth develop life skills through group counseling, case management, and building strategies for change. FAST Track is OJJ’s short-term program that utilizes two evidence-based programs, Thinking for a Change and Cognitive Behavior Substance Abuse. Program completion is based on attaining skills through completion of the evidence-based curricula and behavior management level system. 
Mental Health Treatment Unit (Swanson)
The Mental Health Treatment Unit (MHTU) is a residential clinical program administered and managed by treatment staff of Correct Care Solutions (CCS) with collaborative services by OJJ (such as security, education, recreation therapy and facility case management). The MHTU provides diagnostic evaluation and stabilization for youth in acute psychiatric crisis. The goal of the program is to re-evaluate and stabilize the youth. Treatment is provided based on the clinical needs of the youth, through use of medication management, individual and group counseling. Youth from any secure care facility may be referred to this program.

Transitional Mental Health Unit (Swanson)
The Transitional Mental Health Unit (TMHU) serves as a step-down unit for youth who have been stabilized in the MHTU. The program provides on-going mental health counseling and psychiatric services administered and managed by treatment staff of Correct Care Solutions (CCS) with collaborative OJJ services. The goal of the program is reintegration of the youth back to the general facility population or reintegration into the community upon release.
Mental Health Services (Bridge City and Swanson)
Mental health services are provided by Correct Care Solutions (CCS) staff to all youth in secure care placement, which include counseling, psychiatric evaluations and treatment, as well as substance abuse services.
Mental Health Services for Females (Ware Youth Center)
Mental health services are provided to female youth in the intensive residential setting at Ware Youth Center. 

Recreational Activities
All youth in residential facilities are afforded the opportunity to participate in recreational activities.
Faith-Based Programs
All youth in residential facilities are afforded the opportunity to participate in faith-based programs.